Andrew Stewart is an Australian artist residing in Poland. From a young age Andrew has been attracted to the ideas of expression conveyed through art. In the early stages of his interest in art he used to sketch ideas in notebooks for fun, and from that point the curiosity grew. When he graduated he went on to study art in Victoria at Deakin University.

Over many years Andrew has worked with a wide range of media and styles. Art is a part of who he is and he concludes that painting is the vehicle which gives him the freedom to express his conception of his subject matter. Andrew’s style is evolving continually along with his ideas. An image of a painting is worked through until it eventually reaches his vision or mostly an evolution of the original idea. The whole spectrum of the art world in general gives him huge gratification. 

“In order to create a piece I must first consider the reason why I am drawn to a particular object or subject matter. Through the painting and the acceptance of the portrayal of the object, I then arrive at a point at which it affects me. My development as an artist has followed the acquisition of skills in drawing, graphic art and the revelation of oil in art school. I am fascinated by stroke making and the rendering of form. My goal now is to continually strive to push myself. The objective for me is to take myself out of my comfort zone to continually challenge my artistic ideas.”

Andrew’s first solo exhibition “Intersection” was held in Plock in 2017. It featured a series of paintings centred around experiences and concepts gained while in Poland and Australia. Since then he has exhibited in the show Między obserwacją a interpretacją held at the city of Plock Art Gallery in 2017.  
Additionally a group show in Plock in 2019 named Co Widac (what do you see?) was held at the Plock Art Gallery in 2019.  The latest exhibition named Rzecziwiste Wyobrazone (Real and Imagined) was shown on the 11th of December 2021. This was a special show as it coincided with the 40th Anniversary of the gallery.